Azienda del Carmine

The Carmine firm is a new reality in the olive oil production in Italy with one of the largest olive grove in Marche region. The story of the firm is a constant sequence of innovations in compliance with tradition. It covers 27 hectares of olive trees and 40 hectares of cultivated land on the outskirts of Ancona. Del Carmine olive trees in Ancona are enriched with the saltiness of the wind from the sea and are protected by the hills from the north wind. The fine foliage  is precisely pruned in this way so that they can produce more fruit under the best conditions, the same aim as the irrigation tubes, the position of the trees, the number of the plants, the picking of the fruit and the cecks made on the olives. Each element of space and time has been thought out carefully to maximise the production of these special oils graded by its variety of unexpected aftertastes. A modern continuous- cycle olive press installed close to the olive grove completes the production cycle of their extra virgin olive oil: Olio del Carmine, the blend, and Oleo de La Marchia, extra virgin olive oils Monovariety. Thus the oils Del Carmine through the grafic images on what could be thought to be simple labels, are united in a network of geometric games on a black background. Rays are superimposed and united and the image stays in your mind, in the knowledge that it is able to communicate the quality and novelty of the product through visual perception as well as through taste. Del Carmine leaves an indelible mark wich never fades, in the same way that l'Olio Ascolana is capable of surprising, with a flavour of green tomatoes that is wonderfully unusual and refuses to leave your lips.

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di Azienda del Carmine

Via del Carmine 51

60129 Ancona

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